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How to no be boring

36.(F) The most interesting people aren’t those who’ve gone on some Eal,Pray,Love jourmey to find themsclves.Instead,Pirson says,they’re those who examine the ordinary.

37.(J)Of course, it’s possible to be a fountain of knowledge and a boring person,says public relations consultant Andrea Pass.Paying attention to the listener is an important part of。。。。

38.[B] To tell the truth,interesting people are more popular among their friends.If you don’t arouse somcone’s curiosity or brighten somcone’s day,you probably come.…..

39.(I) Television veteran Audrey Morrissey, executive producer of NBC’s The Voice,is always looking for what will make a person or story interesting to viewers…..

40.(M)I have now come to realize that being boring,in actuali-ty, is not only about who you are as a person,but also how you present yourself……

41.(C)Recently, I was at a gathering of colleagues when some-one turned to me and asked,”So,what’s new with you?” Ordi narily, I think I’m a good conversationalist……..

42.(G) This is essentinlly how Jessica Hagy starts her day a lot of time thinking about what’s interesting to her…..

43.(A)Humans are creatures habit. We love to establish a rou-tine and stick with it.Then we often put ourselves on auto-pi-lot.Routincs can be incredibly useful in helping you get things done….

44.(K)”If the listener is not paying attention, it’s your sign to shorten the story or change direction.

45.(E)”If someone is making up some conversation that might be interesting, it’s probably not going to land well,” says Pirson, whose expertise includes trust and….


With obesity now affecting 29% of the population in England, and expected to rise to 35% by 2030, should we now recognise it as disease?

46. C) It should be regarded as a genetic disease.

47.D) It results from a lack of self-control.

48. A)Obese people would not feel responsible to take any action.

49.B)It is too inclusive and thus lacks clarity.

50.D)It may do little good to patients.

Nationwide, only about three percent of early childhood teach-

51.C)It is negatively impacted by a lack of male teachers.

52.A) The importance of broadening children’s horizons.

53.D)Many of them feel prejudiced against socially and cultur-ally.

54.A)Higher pay.

55.B) Taking measures to attract prospective male teachers to work in the field.


大运河(Grand Canal)是世界上最长的人工河,北起北京市,南至杭州市。它是中国在历史上最宏伟的工程项目之一。大运河兴建于公元4新世纪,公年13世纪初完工。建造之初是为了更好地运送粮食作物,之后也用来运送别的产品。大运河沿途地区慢慢发展趋势变成中国的工业核心。一直以来,大运河对中国的社会认知充分发挥了关键功效,强有力地推动了南北地域间的员工来往和文化交往。

The Grand Canal is the longest man-made river which ex-tends all the way from Bejing in the north to Hangzhou in the south, and one of the grandest projects in the Chinese history. The construction of the canal was started in the 4th century BC and was completed in the 13th century. It was first built for grain transportation and later also for trans-portation of other commodities. The areas along the canal have gradually developed into the industrial and commercial centres of China. For a long period of time, the canal has been playing a significant role in the development of Chi-nese economy,greatly enhancing the personnel exchange and cultural communication between northern and southern regions.



Directions : Suppose your school is organizing an orientationprogram to help the freshmen adapt to the new environment and academic studies . You are now to write a proposal , which may include Itsaim,duration, participants and activities . You will have 30 minutes to write the proposal. You should write atleast 120 words but no more than 180 words.


To whom it may concern ,

I’m a junior from Law School . The new semester will begin anda group of newbies are about to arrive .In order to help them adapt to the new environment and academic studies ,I propose that an orientation program should be held during the first week of this September .

The program is to help freshmen learn what they will confront in the coming college life by passing out necessary materials and explaining their questions about campus activities .So volunteers needed in this program should be those who are sophomores or juniors and are ready to help others . The program will start on1st of next month and all participants should gather at 7 in the morning at the northeast corner of the Main Square to prepare for the leaflets and handbooks which will be distributed to freshmen .As new students are stepping onto the campus , volunteers should help them to carry their luggage ,pass out manuals , answer their possible questions and take them to their own dormitories .

I believe this program will be successfully held and it will greatly help freshmen to feel welcomed and warm in a strange but friendly environment.

Best wishes





二 ,把握常见考点。四级听力题有些是常见考点,比如:问提议是什么,问对别人、某件事、某事的点评是什么,问方法是什么,问缘故是什么,问该听力材料中心思想是什么(例如探讨办一个狂欢派对)。掌握常见考点就知道关键是什么。


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